Carnival Magazine, in publication since 1966, is a monthly publication dedicated exclusively to bringing news, information and history of the amusement industry right to your doorsteps.  Whether you are involved in the business, a carnival buff or enjoy some other aspect of the industry, this is the publication for you.

Our monthly features include articles about current carnival activities and events plus the following:

  • Midway Talk – Up to date information about what’s going on from various midways and manufacturers.
  • Midway Personalities – Presenting people who make the business what it is today.
  • Direct from the Lots – Photos of individuals involved in the industry.
  • New Products – Spotlighting new industry products.
  • Do You Remember – Rides of the past offering a walk down memory lane.

Plus many additional monthly features.

CARNIVAL Calendar of Annual Features

  • February – Previews the February IISF Trade Show.
  • April – News from the IISF Trade Show plus photos of new equipment.
  • May -  Provides a directory of carnivals in North America and contact information.
  • June – Provides fair route listings for carnivals.
  • October – Buyers guide of various vendors for the carnival industry.