July, 2001

Articles included in the July 2001 issue:

  • Special insert featuring the route listings of over 35 of the country's finest carnivals.

  • Conklin Shows offers a triple threat -- or a triple treat -- with three portable roller coasters available on their midway.

  • One trailer Himalayas, Gravitrons, go-Gators, -- Wisdom Industries began many years ago as the offshoot of a Colorado carnival focusing on the concept of simpler ride setup and tear down. 

  • Management changes bring personnel into new positions and readies Wade Shows for continued growth and prosperity. 

  • With a combined outdoor amusement industry experience that spans almost a century, Jack Honeycutt and Jim Elliott have been part of may changes in the business and the two veteran showmen are part of Wade Shows' backbone.

  • The History of Trains follows John Page and his rail show.

  • Do You Remember Wisdom Industries Astro--Liner? The ride that captured the fantasy of spacetravel and adventure is profiled .

  • Plus regular features: Manufacturer's Showcase puts the spotlight on Hitch-Hiker Manufacturing, Sellner Manufacturing, Cutting Edge Creations, and Chance Rides; Who am I - Industry Movers and Shakers, then and now: Midway Talk; Direct >From the Lots; Classified Ads, and Modeler's Corner.