December 2002

December, 2002

  • Go out and about the lot with Deggeller Attractions in Concord and Greensboro, North Carolina. See some of the show's equipment and meet some of its personnel.
  • Also, the Deggeller family again presented the midway at their hometown fair in Stuart, Florida. It is a traditional way for the show to jump into their new year.
  • Jules & Beck Combined Shows has added a new Mulligan Sea Ray to their ride line up. What else is Pat Guthrie doing with Mulligan?
  • Frances Inners made the jump from one aspect of the amusement industry - vaudeville, to another- the carnival. Inners Amusements is currently under the guidance of Ed Inners who has worked hard over the years, since assuming ownership from his father, Ed.Inners Sr., to keep the show growing.
  • The History of Train Shows offers updates on the Showmen's League and targets Al Wagner's Cavalcade of Amusements and the role Grant Chandler played with train shows.
  • Manufacturer's Showcase brings news of a brand new piece from Eli Bridge, an exciting kid/family ride that features a spider theme: SpiderMania. Also, looking for an affordable bunkhouse for employees? Check out the available offerings from Paul Otterbacher and Tim Horn and their new company Otterbacher Trailers.
  • Information is also provided for the AIMS Safety Seminar in January, targeting safety in all areas of the industry.
  • Do you remember the Custer Bubble Bounce? Originally designed as a non-mobile unit, this thrilling ride found favor on midways after it became a trailer-mounted unit.
  • The December issue highlights an expanded section of the Modeler's Corner. Carnival modelers from across the country share their knowledge and experience for creating the scaled-down versions of many of the popular pieces found on American midways. The ideas and creativity are sure to inspire many modelers. A special addition is the colorful 2-pagee centerfold that features the scale model cars of a major show train.
  • Also included in this issue are regular features Midway Talk and Direct From the Lots.

November 2002

November, 2002

The November issue of CAROUSEL features a variety of articles on the outdoor amusement industry. 

  • J& J Amusements has picked up a number of new pieces as well as a number of new contracts for the 2002 season. Many of the new dates were acquired at the Pugh Shows' bankruptcy auction.
  • One of the new dates on the J&J Amusements schedule is the Robeson County Fair in Lumberton, North Carolina. Although the show had signed a contract with the fair when Pugh Shows was no longer able to fulfill the contract, J&J had to re-sign the fair after the bankruptcy auction.
  • Eighty-year old show veteran Frank Rooney has been around carnivals almost his entire life. He has owned a wide array of sideshows and enjoys reminiscing about them.
  • The George Washington Celebration in Texas features the 20th Century Independent Midway with rides and attractions that would certainly thrill and excite George himself.
  • No hot air here! Spectacular Midways brought in rides for the Balloon Fest in Illinois.
  • The History of Train Shows continues with a profile of the Showmen's League and its current niche in the outdoor amusement industry.
  • CAROUSEL was out and about and visiting with Drew Expositions. View people and rides from the Drew midway.
  • Wisdom's one-of-a-kind Moon Cooler ride was a kiddie/family piece that featured big bright smiling moon faces. Unlike the round and round umbrella rides, passengers on the Moon Cooler rode on a horizontal oval track.
  • CAROUSEL takes readers on a walk Down Memory Lane with Great Southern Shows, a carnival owned by Malinda Drew Carr. The show played the Ohio State Fair and featured ticket boxes, generator trailers and office trailer all coordinated with elegant gold and white vertical stripes.
  • Manufacturer's Showcase spotlights the silent generator units from Gull Wing Industries and a new concession trailer from Hitch-Hiker Manufacturing.
  • Also included in the issue are regular features Direct From the Lots, Modeler's Corner, Midway Talk, with a sidebar on the controversy of the North Carolina State Fair contract; and classified ads.
  • Watch for the expanded Modeler's Corner in the December issue. Great ideas in carnival modeling from those who create them.

October 2002


The October issue of CAROUSEL features a variety of articles on the outdoor amusement industry. 

  • The History of Train Shows discusses the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus train tragedy and the philanthropic actions of the Showmen’s League.
  • Oregon-based Butler Amusements hosted the midway at the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival in Indio, California. The midway was set up in two locations on the grounds
  • Talk a brief stroll Down Memory Lane and view some of the equipment that was found on the Childress Shows’ midway.
  • Do You Remember lifts off with the Flying Saucer ride that was manufactured by Garbrick Manufacturing.
  • Midway personality features show artist Dennis Kline whose artistic talents have even gotten him into an exhibit at the Louvre in Paris.

  • Manufacturer’s Showcase is a greatly expanded version that offers a comprehensive industry Buyer’s Guide. Hundreds of companies that like to do business with the outdoor amusement industry are listed by category and the individual entries incorporate information on who, where and what. A great resource that will be used many times over.

  • Regular features including Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, Modeler’s Corner, and classified ads.

  • Watch for the expanded Modeler's Corner in the December issue. Great ideas in carnival modeling from those who create them.

September 2002

September, 2002

Articles included in the September 2002 issue:

  • Terry's Rides has entered its fourth full season on a very upbeat note.

  • Conklin Shows presented a massive midway at the South Florida Fair earlier this year. Check out what was new and exciting at this annual event.

  • Sam and Patty Skinner are independent food concessionaires who travel an extensive route throughout the Midwest with their All-American eatery. 

  • California has it all, from orange blossoms to Route 66. Travel the highways of the state with Helm & Sons Amusements. 

  • Amusements of America has welcomed their newest European import, the Tango from KMG, and the ride has made its American debut in Florida. 

  • There are a number of family-owned shows that cover hundreds of events in Pennsylvania. These smaller operations are the backbone of the outdoor amusement industry and provide a livelihood for many extended families. 

  • Under the guidance of Ray and Yvette Davis, Double D Amusements has plotted a course for growth that makes them bigger and better each year.

  • Do You Remember the Skyliner? Developed years ago by Goforth Manufacturing, the ski-lift style ride has been experiencing a resurgence in popularity. 

  • Manufacturer's Showcase highlights the new ride from Majestic Manufacturing - the X-Scream; and from the Bankshot Organization, the trailer mounted basketball game, Bankshot-on-a-Roll.

  • History of Train Shows (Pt. XXXII) covers the passing of Robert Lohmar and the creation of the Showmen's League America and its subsequent arms in various locations throughout North America. 

  • Plus other regular features including Direct From the Lots, Midway Talk, Modeler's Corner and classified ads.

August 2002

August, 2002

Articles included in the August 2002 issue:

  • Conclusion of the article on Amusements of Buffalo, including their alliance with Frederiksen Slides, and their continued growth and current regrouping

  • California-based Shamrock Shows has had a staring role in a number of Hollywood ventures, including the movie Mighty Joe Young

  • Reed Expositions takes on the Fiesta in San Antonio, Texas. The show promotes the motto "A Family Tradition," and has an extensive Reed family involvement in the operation. In addition, Bill Premont, owner and operator of Paramount Attractions, has booked with Reed for the past three seasons and offers some insights into the outdoor amusement industry. . 

  • Arnold Amusements is a family-run operation that is committed to the outdoor amusement industry and that is evidenced by their first hand involvement in industry organizations. 

  • Family Attractions strives to provide a safe family friendly environment on their midway. 

  • Might Bluegrass Shows bought in their new Zamperla Big Ben Drop Tower ride to the Collier County fair in Naples, Florida. 

  • Do You Remember profiles the Superman ride that is on Michael's Amusements' midway. This one-of-a-kind ride came from a very unusual source. 

  • The latest installment in the History of Train Shows features the roles played by Al Wagner, Milt Morris, John Castle and Robert Lohmar and their railroad shows. In the late 1940s, Lohmar served as president of the Showmen's League of America. 

  • There will be a major event for sideshow performers, enthusiasts and fans on August 30-September 1 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The event will honor the career of veteran sideshow operator Ward Hall. 

  • Manufacturer's Showcase offers some new profit-making ideas from Gold Medal Products and Chance Morgan's new alliance. 

  • Colorful posters from some of the shows of yesteryear are also featured

  • Also, regular features Midway Talk, Direct from the Lots, Modeler's Corner, and Classified ads

July 2002

JULY, 2002

Articles included in the July 2002 issue:

  • Bill Hames Shows played the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show and Rodeo, bringing in several new pieces, including a Hi-Miler coaster. The show's general manager feels that a philosophy of consistency is a primary key to their success. 

  • Midway Personality profiles Harry and Shirley Valentine, two independent concessionaires. Harry has an extensive sideshow background that dates back to the late 1930s and has been acquainted with numerous sideshow personalities, including Percilla the Monkey Girl, Grady Stiles, the Lobster Boy, and veteran owner Ward Hall.

  • Chance Rides Manufacturing (CRM), faces a positive future as it emerges from reorganization, and takes on new challenges.

  • Do You Remember Laff Land fun house that was built by King Amusement Company? The size of the unit offered a greater variety of "tricks," and the ease of operation required only one ticket seller. 

  • An extensive pull out section in CAROUSEL presents the 2002 route listings of over forty of the country's finest shows. This section is a definite keeper and excellent reference tool!

  • Amusements of Buffalo, created in the 1990s, started out by playing primarily church festivals. In less than 10 years, the show has shuffled out of Buffalo, maintaining winter quarters in Florida, and currently has a ride stable of about sixty rides that support three units.

  • Reed Expositions and Wrights Amusements participated in two events in the Houston, Texas area over the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Also, regular features include Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, Manufacturer's Showcase, classified ads, and Modeler's Corner.

June 2002

JUNE, 2002

Special! Special! Special! The second edition of CAROUSEL’s Website and E-mail directory includes many of the industry’s manufacturers, suppliers and carnivals that have taken the leap into the computer age with their own information packed website and communication facilitator; the e-mail address. This keeper edition is an invaluable tool for anyone with an interest in the outdoor amusement industry.

Other Articles included in the June 2002 issue:

  • Wright’s Outdoor Amusements played 3 dates in Texas, including two fairs: the Gillespie County Fair and Kendall Coaunty Fair, and a still date. Family owned and operated, the show plays year ‘round, generally traveling between Colorado and Texas. It faces the same problems as most other carnivals including a lack of appropriately licensed drivers, motivated help and government regulations.
  • Farrow Shows, which continues providing the midway at the Northern Wisconsin Fair, brought in several new pieces, including a Zamperla Power Surge, new light towers, and a Wacky Worm coaster.
  • In the face of difficult economic times, ride manufacturer Wisdom Industries has filed for reorganization. The company is optimistic about its future in the outdoor amusement industry.
  • History of Trains (Part XXX) - The history continues with a profile of the late carnival and circus historian Joe McKennon. Aspects of the McCoy Wild West Show are also featured.
  • Do You Remember profiles a Whip-style ride from S.B. Ramagosa known as the Latigo.
  • Midway Personality features Magic Dixon, a veteran carnival employee who has most recently worked on the Heart of America midway.
  • Manufacturer’s Showcase features several new offerings from Sellner Manufacturing, including the Jalopy Junction, a family car ride, and Bumble Bee Bop. Precision Dynamics Corporation has introduced several new styles of wristbands. Also, Cromers is a concession supply company that built its reputation on “being the worst in town.”
  • Regular features in CAROUSEL include Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, and Modeler’s Corner.

May 2002

Articles included in the May 2002 issue:

  • Each year in February, Florida sets aside 12 days to celebrate all aspects of the state at the Florida State Fair. United Shows of America holds the midway contract and brought in a wide array of pieces from other shows as well to offer the best to the residents of the Sunshine State. New pieces featured on the midway included the SlingShot, Power Surge, and Tango.
  • Crabtree Amusements, based in Texas, is celebrating its silver anniversary. The 25-year old show is family owned and operated and offers a ride stable of 60 pieces
  • It is time for Fun! Fun! Fun! when Dennis Sideshow Attractions out of New York, brings along their Bozo dunk tank, and their new Crime and Punishment Show that features an electric chair.
  • Wade Shows hosted the midway at the 2001 Louisiana State Fair. The midway had over 65 rides, including a new Himalaya and Spinner; and in addition, Steve Vandervorst’s Crazy Mouse was a big hit. Wade Shows is seeking to minimize trucks and trailers it needs to transport rides over the road due to the scarcity of drivers.
  • The New York Association of Agricultural fairs and the New York Showpeoples Association held their annual meetings in anticipation of the 2002 season. The event was highlighted by the presentation of awards, informative seminars, a trade show, and hospitality suites.
  • Do You Remember features the Moon Space Ship X-17 from Wichman Industries.
  • The History of Train Shows (Part XXIX) continues with the World of Mirth Shows and details the Caterpillar ride and the Raupen Bahn.
  • Manufacturer’s Showcase: Chance Rides announces their reorganization as it emerges from Chapter 11; Golf Medal offers concessionaires the newest catalog of profit-making ideas; and Rapsure is an Indiana concession trailer manufacturer that will custom design a unit to fit their customer’s needs.
  • Regular features in CAROUSEL include Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, and Modeler’s Corner.


April 2002

April, 2002

Articles included in the April 2002 issue:

  • Family owned and operated Kissel Rides and Shows of Moultire, Georgia, had a bout with rainy weather during their season, but optimism reigns as the show looks towards better times
  • In Michigan there was a change of venue for the state’s annual fair convention, and new shows made their appearance using hospitality suites to help sign fairs and events. Safety and new carnivals coming into the state and the demise of Pugh Shows were hot topics.
  • Do You Remember features the Star Wars fun house and its companion piece the Star Creatures dark ride, products of the inventive mind of Bruno Zacchini, Jr.
  • After filing for bankruptcy, a court has pushed Pugh Shows into history. A court ordered sale of assets, including event contracts, rides and equipment recently took place.
  • Gillette Shows is in the somewhat unique position of providing the fun zone for a World’s Fair that occurs every year. This World’s Fair is staged in the mountainous countryside near Tunbridge, Vermont.
  • After a contentious several months that could be likened to a baptism by fire for the new North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture, a contract with Amusements of America has been signed for the 2002 State Fair, and peace reigns once more
  • The IISF Extravaganza is now history but exhibitors and attendees have many memories to share. View some of those who participated in and some of the product lines displayed at the Trade Show.
  • The History of Train Shows continues with stories about the World of Mirth Shows, Ralph Smith and Frank Bergen.
  • In addition regular magazine features include Manufacturer’s Showcase, Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, and carnival modeling.

March 2002

MARCH, 2002

Articles included in the March 2002 issue:

  • Everything is BIG in Texas, including the State Fair. The state hosts one of the largest fairs in the country with an independent midway filled with rides, games, food and attractions to please everyone.
  • A strong work ethic and industry commitment have helped Jules & Beck earn a good reputation in the industry, as they continue to grow.
  • A veritable ride wonderland awaited fairgoers who enjoyed the independent midway at the Minnesota State Fair. The Mega Drop free fall tower, Crazy Mouse, Avalanche and Spin Out were just a few of the rides giving fair visitors the thrills and excitement they craved.
  • Do You Remember the Venture Inn, a mobile multi-unit bunkhouse manufactured to provide comfortable surroundings for employees on the road?
  • Canada’s Wally Townsend is a veteran showman who offers pony rides and petting zoos. His feels that there are a lot of nice people out there.
  • Dedicated show owner Jeff Blomsness has taken over the reins of the Showmen’s League of America.
  • As the dust starts to settle after a somewhat cantankerous journey, Amusements of America has signed a contract for the 2002 North Carolina State Fair.
  • The East Coast has proven to be a good venue for Amusements of America with fairs and festivals in Florida and North Carolina.
  • The History of Train Shows continues to trace the progress of carnivals and their modes of transportation in America.
  • Plus regular features including Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, and Manufacturer’s Showcase

February 2002

February, 2002

Articles included in the Feb 2002 issue:

  • The much expanded section of Manufacturer’s Showcase highlights many of the exhibitors participating in the IISF Trade Show in February in Gibtown, Florida. Review the products and services, many of them new, that are available to the outdoor amusement industry.
  • All the King’s Horses spotlights the horses of royalty that are appearing at a number of fairs throughout the country. The family owned and operated attraction is profiled.as they make their debut tour in 2001.
  • Ray Cammack Shows dedicated its new La Grande Wheel at the Arizona Sate Fair and also debuted its new Euroslide last year. This top rated carnival plays fairs and festivals in the West, and offers some innovative ideas for the outdoor amusement industry.
  • Conklin Shows features super spectacular multi-trailer rides. What is in the future for this multi-national show - it’s in the pages of CAROUSEL.
  • Murphy Brothers Expositions took on 2001 with all its energy. The season started early with its participation in the Florida State Fair, and at other fairs and events in Florida.
  • The outdoor amusement industry mourns the loss of Lloyd and Mary Lou Hilligoss who brought new standards to the carnival world and worked tirelessly not only with their show, Foley & Burk Combined Shows, but also with many industry organizations.
  • Do You Remember highlights the New Generation Tilt-A-Whirl from Sellner.
  • Other CAROUSEL features include Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots and Modeler’s Corner.

January 2002

January, 2002

Articles included in the January 2002 issue:

  • J&J Amusements of Ohio, has added to their ride arsenal and route in 2001. After adding ten pieces during the year, the 30-year-old family-owned and operated carnival sees the future as a strong growth path.

  • Do you remember features the Sabre Jet, one of creations of Walton King.

  • The New York State Fair, with a spectacular midway provided by the James E. Strates Shows, experienced a third year of spectacular attendance., proving once again that the third time is a charm. Strates debuted a number of new pieces including the KMG Fireball. 

  • Read all about it! One of the most sought-after state fair contracts is still up in the air, after a controversial decision by the new North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture. 

  • Midway Personality highlights the career of Marc Janas, a young man who operates a number of game concessions on Powers Great American Midway, serves as a Concessions Manager for the show, and is very active in several industry organizations including the Showmen's League of America and OABA. 

  • While adding several new pieces to the show in 2001, and contemplating the future, Corky Powers, Powers Great American Midways, observes that change is necessary for the industry if it is to continue surviving and thriving. 

  • PBJ Happee Days Shows has a number of classic rides including a Watkins' Rampage that has been maintained in factory-fresh condition. 

  • Supplemental information on the start of Funtastic Shows has been offered by Dianne Bollinger.

  • The History of Train Shows (Part XXVI) offers information on how trains were used to transport shows like Royal American and Strates Shows. 

  • Plus regular features: Direct from the Lots; Midway Talk, Manufacturer's Showcase, and Modeler's Corner.