January, 2002

Articles included in the January 2002 issue:

  • J&J Amusements of Ohio, has added to their ride arsenal and route in 2001. After adding ten pieces during the year, the 30-year-old family-owned and operated carnival sees the future as a strong growth path.

  • Do you remember features the Sabre Jet, one of creations of Walton King.

  • The New York State Fair, with a spectacular midway provided by the James E. Strates Shows, experienced a third year of spectacular attendance., proving once again that the third time is a charm. Strates debuted a number of new pieces including the KMG Fireball. 

  • Read all about it! One of the most sought-after state fair contracts is still up in the air, after a controversial decision by the new North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture. 

  • Midway Personality highlights the career of Marc Janas, a young man who operates a number of game concessions on Powers Great American Midway, serves as a Concessions Manager for the show, and is very active in several industry organizations including the Showmen's League of America and OABA. 

  • While adding several new pieces to the show in 2001, and contemplating the future, Corky Powers, Powers Great American Midways, observes that change is necessary for the industry if it is to continue surviving and thriving. 

  • PBJ Happee Days Shows has a number of classic rides including a Watkins' Rampage that has been maintained in factory-fresh condition. 

  • Supplemental information on the start of Funtastic Shows has been offered by Dianne Bollinger.

  • The History of Train Shows (Part XXVI) offers information on how trains were used to transport shows like Royal American and Strates Shows. 

  • Plus regular features: Direct from the Lots; Midway Talk, Manufacturer's Showcase, and Modeler's Corner.