Articles included in the May 2002 issue:

  • Each year in February, Florida sets aside 12 days to celebrate all aspects of the state at the Florida State Fair. United Shows of America holds the midway contract and brought in a wide array of pieces from other shows as well to offer the best to the residents of the Sunshine State. New pieces featured on the midway included the SlingShot, Power Surge, and Tango.
  • Crabtree Amusements, based in Texas, is celebrating its silver anniversary. The 25-year old show is family owned and operated and offers a ride stable of 60 pieces
  • It is time for Fun! Fun! Fun! when Dennis Sideshow Attractions out of New York, brings along their Bozo dunk tank, and their new Crime and Punishment Show that features an electric chair.
  • Wade Shows hosted the midway at the 2001 Louisiana State Fair. The midway had over 65 rides, including a new Himalaya and Spinner; and in addition, Steve Vandervorst’s Crazy Mouse was a big hit. Wade Shows is seeking to minimize trucks and trailers it needs to transport rides over the road due to the scarcity of drivers.
  • The New York Association of Agricultural fairs and the New York Showpeoples Association held their annual meetings in anticipation of the 2002 season. The event was highlighted by the presentation of awards, informative seminars, a trade show, and hospitality suites.
  • Do You Remember features the Moon Space Ship X-17 from Wichman Industries.
  • The History of Train Shows (Part XXIX) continues with the World of Mirth Shows and details the Caterpillar ride and the Raupen Bahn.
  • Manufacturer’s Showcase: Chance Rides announces their reorganization as it emerges from Chapter 11; Golf Medal offers concessionaires the newest catalog of profit-making ideas; and Rapsure is an Indiana concession trailer manufacturer that will custom design a unit to fit their customer’s needs.
  • Regular features in CAROUSEL include Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, and Modeler’s Corner.