August, 2002

Articles included in the August 2002 issue:

  • Conclusion of the article on Amusements of Buffalo, including their alliance with Frederiksen Slides, and their continued growth and current regrouping

  • California-based Shamrock Shows has had a staring role in a number of Hollywood ventures, including the movie Mighty Joe Young

  • Reed Expositions takes on the Fiesta in San Antonio, Texas. The show promotes the motto "A Family Tradition," and has an extensive Reed family involvement in the operation. In addition, Bill Premont, owner and operator of Paramount Attractions, has booked with Reed for the past three seasons and offers some insights into the outdoor amusement industry. . 

  • Arnold Amusements is a family-run operation that is committed to the outdoor amusement industry and that is evidenced by their first hand involvement in industry organizations. 

  • Family Attractions strives to provide a safe family friendly environment on their midway. 

  • Might Bluegrass Shows bought in their new Zamperla Big Ben Drop Tower ride to the Collier County fair in Naples, Florida. 

  • Do You Remember profiles the Superman ride that is on Michael's Amusements' midway. This one-of-a-kind ride came from a very unusual source. 

  • The latest installment in the History of Train Shows features the roles played by Al Wagner, Milt Morris, John Castle and Robert Lohmar and their railroad shows. In the late 1940s, Lohmar served as president of the Showmen's League of America. 

  • There will be a major event for sideshow performers, enthusiasts and fans on August 30-September 1 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The event will honor the career of veteran sideshow operator Ward Hall. 

  • Manufacturer's Showcase offers some new profit-making ideas from Gold Medal Products and Chance Morgan's new alliance. 

  • Colorful posters from some of the shows of yesteryear are also featured

  • Also, regular features Midway Talk, Direct from the Lots, Modeler's Corner, and Classified ads