September, 2002

Articles included in the September 2002 issue:

  • Terry's Rides has entered its fourth full season on a very upbeat note.

  • Conklin Shows presented a massive midway at the South Florida Fair earlier this year. Check out what was new and exciting at this annual event.

  • Sam and Patty Skinner are independent food concessionaires who travel an extensive route throughout the Midwest with their All-American eatery. 

  • California has it all, from orange blossoms to Route 66. Travel the highways of the state with Helm & Sons Amusements. 

  • Amusements of America has welcomed their newest European import, the Tango from KMG, and the ride has made its American debut in Florida. 

  • There are a number of family-owned shows that cover hundreds of events in Pennsylvania. These smaller operations are the backbone of the outdoor amusement industry and provide a livelihood for many extended families. 

  • Under the guidance of Ray and Yvette Davis, Double D Amusements has plotted a course for growth that makes them bigger and better each year.

  • Do You Remember the Skyliner? Developed years ago by Goforth Manufacturing, the ski-lift style ride has been experiencing a resurgence in popularity. 

  • Manufacturer's Showcase highlights the new ride from Majestic Manufacturing - the X-Scream; and from the Bankshot Organization, the trailer mounted basketball game, Bankshot-on-a-Roll.

  • History of Train Shows (Pt. XXXII) covers the passing of Robert Lohmar and the creation of the Showmen's League America and its subsequent arms in various locations throughout North America. 

  • Plus other regular features including Direct From the Lots, Midway Talk, Modeler's Corner and classified ads.