December, 2002

  • Go out and about the lot with Deggeller Attractions in Concord and Greensboro, North Carolina. See some of the show's equipment and meet some of its personnel.
  • Also, the Deggeller family again presented the midway at their hometown fair in Stuart, Florida. It is a traditional way for the show to jump into their new year.
  • Jules & Beck Combined Shows has added a new Mulligan Sea Ray to their ride line up. What else is Pat Guthrie doing with Mulligan?
  • Frances Inners made the jump from one aspect of the amusement industry - vaudeville, to another- the carnival. Inners Amusements is currently under the guidance of Ed Inners who has worked hard over the years, since assuming ownership from his father, Ed.Inners Sr., to keep the show growing.
  • The History of Train Shows offers updates on the Showmen's League and targets Al Wagner's Cavalcade of Amusements and the role Grant Chandler played with train shows.
  • Manufacturer's Showcase brings news of a brand new piece from Eli Bridge, an exciting kid/family ride that features a spider theme: SpiderMania. Also, looking for an affordable bunkhouse for employees? Check out the available offerings from Paul Otterbacher and Tim Horn and their new company Otterbacher Trailers.
  • Information is also provided for the AIMS Safety Seminar in January, targeting safety in all areas of the industry.
  • Do you remember the Custer Bubble Bounce? Originally designed as a non-mobile unit, this thrilling ride found favor on midways after it became a trailer-mounted unit.
  • The December issue highlights an expanded section of the Modeler's Corner. Carnival modelers from across the country share their knowledge and experience for creating the scaled-down versions of many of the popular pieces found on American midways. The ideas and creativity are sure to inspire many modelers. A special addition is the colorful 2-pagee centerfold that features the scale model cars of a major show train.
  • Also included in this issue are regular features Midway Talk and Direct From the Lots.