• A visit with the two Ohio-based Bates brothers who joined forces to bring their respective midways to the Canfield (Ohio) fair. Plus an interview with Kim Bates Bozich, daughter of Geary Bates, who makes her livelihood in the business.
  • Take a walk "Down Memory Lane" with Thomas Joyland Shows
  • A primary goal on the Powers Great American Midways is to please the public, and in order to do this, they have implemented a number of customer-friendly features.
  • A brief profile of Wiley Irwin, Powers Great American Midways' office manager.
  • Travel Out and About on Powers Great American Midways, see some of their rides and attractions, and meet some of the employees and staff.
  • What was new for Deggeller Attractions in 2002? Plus a sidebar also highlights Walter House and his Hi-Roller.
  • Manufacturer's Showcase highlights industry printer Spotlight Graphics, a company dedicated to meeting the needs of the outdoor amusement industry.
  • Do you remember the Huss Ranger? This hefty German ride weighed in at 65 tons.
  • The history of Train Shows (Pt. 36) covers the Seattle World's Fair, the Century 21 for Fun fun house and the founding of the rail show Cavalcade of Amusements.
  • Plus regular features including Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, and Modeler's Corner.
  • Coming in February - IISF Trade Show & Extravaganza Exhibitor's Listing: who will be there, what will they be exhibiting, where on the grounds will they be.