APRIL, 2003

Coming in the April 2003 issue:

  • The Minnesota State Fair has had great success with their Independent Mighty Midway. Who was there and what did they bring?
  • Take a walk Down Memory Lane with Stine Shows (Stine Amusements) predecessor to the current Smokey Mountain Amusements.
  • Hailing from the Lone Star State, Kenny's Funland is a 29-ride show owned by the Maple family.
  • Manufacturer's Showcase features:

+ a new enterprise, Fairswipe, LLC, a new electronic ticketing service; 

+ a new industry auction firm that has been started- Spieth & Satow; 

+ Advantage Rides has some new options for their Mini-Himalaya; 

+ Cromers -who guarantees they offer "the worst in town" - has moved their facility; 

+ Sellner Manufacturing highlights their newest entry to the spin ride family - Martian    Madness. 

  • The International Independent Showmen's Foundation (IISF) Trade Show proved to be an interesting and fun event with hundreds of exhibitors ;and a variety of social functions and meetings, something for everyone.
  • Meet some of the friendly showpeople Out and About on the Belle City Amusements lot in Aiken, South Carolina.
  • Direct From the Lots features exhibitors at the Gibtown trade show.
  • It was 99 years and counting for the Florida State Fair. New rides, new attractions and procedural innovations marked this grand annual event.
  • Norton Auctioneers brought the gavel done on an industry auction that was punctuated with low prices on a variety of used equipment.
  • The History of Train Shows follows Cavalcade of Amusements through a season in the Midwest. It also highlights one of the primary attractions- girl shows.
  • Do you remember focuses on the 40-feet high Garbrick Spinner.
  • Other featured departments include Midway Talk, Modeler's Corner, and Classified Ads.