Coming in the September 2003 issue:

  • A relative newcomer on the carnival scene is Alamo Amusements. Based out of San Antonio, Texas, the youthful owner is an energetic third generation showman.
  • Tony Waldon is the railroad department official for Strates Shows and manages the show train. Tony handles a variety of other show duties but loves the train and the carnival.
  • Good fortune has landed on the Geren Rides' midway as they pick up 15 dates from the bankruptcy auction of United Shows of America.
  • Interstate Amusements plays the "other Florida State Fair." This date is in West Cocoa, Florida, and has a midway that rivals many a state fair.
  • Down Memory Lane takes a long look at Lee's Rides, a 1950s-style carnival that made it all the way through the 20th century.
  • North Carolina has been a hotbed of legal activity since an investigation was begun into the campaign finances of the former Department of Agriculture Commissioner. At least five people have faced charges.
  • As the summer season winds down, the big question recently answered is "Who will play the North Carolina State Fair?" Four carnivals submitted bids for this prize event.
  • The History of Train Shows follows the development of the Hennies Brothers Shows from a motorized carnival to a rail show.
  • View some of CARNIVAL's Men of Letters. Photos of contributors who dutifully visit the various events around the country and submit materials to help satisfy that thirst for news and information are posted.
  • At the Jefferson County Fair in Watertown, New York, Reithoffer Shows and Santillo Foods hosted a group of special youngsters for the third year in a row.
  • Eli Bridge's newest addition is the SpiderMania. See what this exciting family attraction looks like going down the road.
  • September is a VERY busy month in the carnival industry. Find out who will be where with the route listings of several dozen carnivals from across the country for the entire month
  • Manufacturer's Showcase offers the latest edition of Gold Medal Products online catalog; and for those events looking to book a thrill attraction, there is the BMX stunt team.
  • The CONCESSION Section provides a profile of concessionaire Dennis Bossman, who owns and operates about a dozen game joints. Also featured is an overview of Bob's Space Racers, one of the most innovative game manufacturers to ever provide non-ride midway fun.
  • Do you remember the B&H Amusement Rides Kiddie Bumper car? Mini Scooters offered thrills and bumps for the younger wanna-be drivers.
  • Check out the classified ads for some great bargains!
  • Plus regular features like Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, Modeler's Corner