Coming in the October 2003 issue:

  • The 2003 Industry Buyer's Guide Directory has hundreds of entries of companies looking to provide goods and services to the outdoor amusement industry. All relevant information regarding the company, including addresses, phone and fax numbers, emails and websites, and names of contacts have been included.
  • While it may sound like an unusual combination, Strawberries and Blue Grass make for a tasty and profitable venture. Even without whipped cream, the Mighty Blue Grass Shows are a perennial favorite at the Florida Strawberry Festival.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it is Tennessee that favors Blue Grass - the Mighty Blue Grass Shows that is.
  • Talk a walk Down Memory Lane and visit Ken Penn Amusements/Nova Expositions. This Pennsylvania show had a long run as the midway provider at the West Virginia State Fair.
  • Florida-based Myers International Midways, a carnival that divides into two units for most of their season, is profiled. The two units, which operate independently, carry about 23 rides each.
  • Riders went up in the air and experienced the sensation of flying! Do You Remember takes a look back at the Flying Coaster, a ride that currently is making a comeback as a park model.
  • Out and About takes a look at people and rides on Terry and Bill Bullis's Arbroo Shows.
  • Looking for a place to roost in October? Check out the October route listings for dozens of carnivals. The chronological format makes this an easy to use guide.
  • In the new Concessions section, Space Craft Manufacturing offers heavenly living while enduring the hardships of the road.
  • Ken and Fran Freeborn are veteran concessionaires who operate several game units, including a long time favorite - a glass pitch.
  • With the question as to which carnival would operate the midway at the 2003 North Carolina State Fair finally settled, it appears that New York State has entered the ring. The state has chosen not to exercise its option on a final year for Strates Shows. The bidding has been opened and the contenders are Strates Shows, Conklin/Powers and Amusements of America.
  • Regular features in CARNIVAL include Direct From the Lots, Midway Talk, Classified ads, and Modeler's Corner.