Coming in the December 2003 issue:

  • Down Memory Lane features an "institution in the wonderful world of entertainment" - Royal American Shows, a rail show so large and extensive, it used two trains for transport.
  • All Star Amusements played the Winnebago County Fair in Pecatonica, Illinois, and featured their newly imported After Burner.
  • The Eastern States Exposition, more commonly referred to as "The Big E," is a regional fair for the six New England States. What do they offer and how do they keep visitors coming back each year?
  • Crabtree Amusements participates in a number of events in Texas, not the least of which is the Travis County Livestock Show and Rodeo in Austin. G.G.W. and Wood Entertainment brought in a number of pieces to complement the extensive midway.
  • The History of Train Shows continues with an overview of the Eyerly Aircraft Company of Salem Oregon, a company that segued into amusement rides and created such classics as the Octopus, Roll-O-Plane and Loop-O-Plane.
  • The state trial for former North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture Meg Scott Phipps has resulted in a guilty verdict on four of five charges.
  • Travel Out and About with CARNIVAL on a midway visit with Georgia-based Drew Expositions at the Western North Carolina Fair.
  • In the Concessions Section, meet Vernon Reiter and Reiter Enterprises, a company he created that offers flags, banners, food and concession apparel, aprons, and moneybags.
  • Also in the Concessions section. The man who sizzles on the midway - T-Bone, a veteran games agent with a number of stories to tell.
  • Manufacturer's Showcase introduces a new family ride from David Poythress of Fantasy Manufacturing, the Crazy Tugs.
  • Do you remember the Allan Herschell Kiddie Jeep ride? This ride was another entry from the company that helped develop the concept of a kiddieland.
  • The annual expanded Modeler's Corner features the efforts of a number of dedicated scale modelers from across the country. Learn how these individuals take tiny bits of plastic, paper, glue and paint and recreate a multi-million dollar entertainment business for considerably less.
  • Standard magazine feature items include Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots and Classified Ads.