June 2016 Cover


In the June 2016 issue:

Cover photo - Ray Cammack Shows' new Dutch Lamberink 33-meter wheel at the 2016 Pima County Fair. Photo by Thomas Ferullo 

Feature articles:

* Chris Lopez - Rising to the Top

* Good News for Carnivals...Improving Economy Revives Fairs

* Strates Shows Plays the Horry County Fair

* The Tradition Continues

* 2016 Route Listings

* Showmen Supplies, A True Treasure on the Midway

* Mike Chance Passes

* Enjoy The Ride - The Galaxy Saga

* McDaniel Brothers Shows - A Show of Brotherhood and Pride

* The Future is Bright for the Showmen's League of America

* Stay Safe - Accidents Happen

Plus Carnival Transport, Concession Stands, Direct from the Lots, Midway Talk, Now Booking & Classifieds

April 2016 Cover


In the April 2016 issue:

Cover photo - Wade Shows at the Florida State Fair 

Feature articles:

* Frank Zaitshik - The Route To Success

* Florida State Fair Honors Culture & Fun

* Skerbeck Family Carnival - A New Era of Fun

* N.A.M.E. - Always a Surprise!

* Orange Monkey Adventures

* Dutch Lamberink Wheels Make Their Debut On The American Midway

* The Spider

* Joe Vivona - The Voice

* IISF Trade Show - Reflections

* The Wynne Family's Sportland Arcade

Plus Show Concessions, Show Transportation, Direct from the Show, Midway Talk, Now Booking & Classifieds

October 2014


August 2016 Cover

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August 2016 Issue:

Cover Photo by Christian Vega at the 2016 San Diego County Fair of the Dutch Lamberink Wheel

Feature Articles:

* San Diego County Fair

* The Beat Goes On - Coleman Brothers Shows Turn 100

* Enjoy The Ride - The Zipper

* August 2016 Route Listings

* Poor Jack - Rich in History

* Campy's Blue Star Amusements 1969 - The Present

* "Before There Was Plush Ther Was Plaster"

* Stay Safe - Perception or Reality?

Plus Direct from the Lots, Model Transport, Concession Stands, Midway Talk, CARNIVAL Now Booking & CARNIVAL Classifieds